Smile Jamaica!

Bob Marley said it very well in his song entitled “Smile Jamaica,” because it is a must. When you are in an island as beautiful as Jamaica you have to smile, because it is a whole different level of happiness and excitement. Jamaica is known for its music, dance and food, but this country is also known for its beautiful beaches, warm sun, friendly people, very interesting culture and its laid back way of life. Bob Marley made this island popular many will say, but Bob was simply just singing about the things that makes his home country a great place.  

This is where the inspiration for ReCaFo’s core products come from. The warmth of the island provides great tasting fruits, vegetables and crops year round. Hence, our sauces, snacks and mouthwatering dishes embrace all the flavors and tastes of the island and at large the Caribbean. So anytime you purchase a ReCaFo | Real Caribbean Food product you are tasting a piece of Jamaica/Caribbean. 

Visit our online store @ to get your Jamaican sauces and snacks today!




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