Irie Vacation Food

A visit to the island of Jamaica requires you to stay in a hotel, unless you have friends or family on the island. Staying at a hotel on the coast is totally different from staying with your friend in the countryside. When at a hotel, unless it is distinctly Jamaican, you are deprived of certain elements that makes the island special, such as the food. Many major hotel chains on the island specialize in international cuisines to appeal more to the international market, but this is wrong. In our opinion, if you need people to appreciate a country and even have more to tell their friends about their experience you need to make the island’s food the main cuisine, this will make it better for everyone involved.

When you go to a hotel, dive into the local cuisine. Not only on the hotel grounds but also on the outside. Ask your concierge for the best local spots to chow down, go for a jog (you will be surprised what you come across along the way), and also use Google of course, search for authentic Jamaican dishes (or the dishes of the country you are in) and ask your chef to prepare that for you, and if they don’t have all the ingredients, tell them to prepare something close to it. They are chefs after all.

So next time you vacation, chow down on something authentic. EAT SOME IRIE VACATION FOOD!

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