Bob Marley’s Birthday! Play Some “One Love”

Today we celebrate the birthday of a legend. Who is that legend you might ask, well…the term is used rather loosely nowadays, but in the days that this man walked the earth, to be called a LEGEND meant something. The music from his era is today still some of the most copied and sought after work that anyone has ever produced. They did not know it then, but these trailblazers were trendsetters. Ok! We get it you say! Now who is it?

It is no other than the one and only, Rastafari, Rasta, Dreadlocks, Natty Dread, One Love general: BOB MARLEY

February 6, 2015 marks the 70th birthday of the legend who met a early demise on May 11, 1981 to cancer. He was 36. However, don’t think that this was a life of 36 years that went by without making a statement. Definitely not! Bob Marley as we know him today created a niche for himself and his country, Jamaica, within the world of music. From tours to magazine covers, radio shows, to albums, Bob became Jamaica’s biggest star. Never before had anyone stepped to the forefront and etch their name into the logs of reggae music as much as he did. His songs were captivating, soulful, heart rending, not too complicated, catchy, with a make you wanna rock kinda vibe. It was nothing overbearing and forceful like the music of today. Bob Marley made music that would live on forever with simple phrases such as “One Love,” “Stir It Up,”  “Redemption Song,” and “Turn Your Lights Down Low.”

Robert Nesta Marley was a man of simple creative talents, but he used those gifts to create a name that will live on forever. Thirty-four years after his death we all talk of Bob Marley as if he released his albums yesterday, because when you talk about timeless music, Bob comes to mind.

So today we say, big up and long live the true legend of reggae on this his 70th birthday.

Happy Earthstrong Bob Marley!

What is your favorite Bob Marley song?

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