Dreaming of Mangoes

There is no time like summertime. The warm seas, blue skies, the endless sunshine, the parties, the fetes, the friends, the music, the island life….Ah! Just everything life should be. However, there is something that makes summertime a beauty as well, the fruits. There are many fruits that are in season during the warm months but there is one that just lifts your spirits and revive your taste-buds and that’s….MANGOES!.

The Caribbean is the perfect place to be in summer if you are a foodie who loves to chow down on some real island fruits. There are so many types of Mangoes to choose from. Here are some of the colorful choices below.

East Indian Mango (Julie)

Bombay Mango

Common Mango (Yellow Skin/Stringy)

Green Skin

Red Skin

Number 11

Robin Mango (Rabin)

Blackey Mango

Bellyfull Mango

Sweetie Come Brush Mi Mango

Hamilton Mango

Bastard Mango

Cowfoot Mango

Fine Skin Mango

These are just some of the humorous names us Jamaicans have given to this delectable fruit.

We can’t wait for summertime to dive into some juicy Mangoes; making smoothies, fruit plates, or just satisfying our hunger with a bucket of the good stuff.

Are you dreaming of Mangoes? Hail us up in the comments below.



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