A Tropical Fall

How do you feel about fall? Is it a season you yearn for? Here at ReCaFo, our roots are Jamaican, so adapting to an American fall has taken some adjusting. It starts getting cooler as the month of September begins and you have to start wondering what are you going to gather in your kitchen when Winter comes along, as your Summer fruits and vegetables will be missing from your table. Not to mention all the clutter you’ll have to stock in your clothing closet. Personally, I hate winter, so when Fall approaches, its just a grim reminder that the dreaded three months of over-padded coats, knee length scarves and thigh high boots are just around the corner, but then again this is all because we chose to live and start a business in the United States. It comes with the territory you might say, we knew this was the case before we came here. Yes, we knew all of this, but its still so easy to drift back to the tropical, all year round, 365 days, day/night, Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter of sunshine, warm breezes and Coconut Water.

A tropical Fall is one that is not too harsh, and prepares you not for despicable months of cold solitude and desperation but months of gentle warmth and sun blessed humility. A tropical Fall is one you can look forward to with a smile, knowing you’ll have all your Summer fruits and vegetables available anytime you want them, and not to mention the little to no stress that it puts on your wardrobe. A tropical Fall is one to smile about and welcome with open arms, it is something you’ll wish you could bring back to the cold north and store in a bottle by your bedside.

What are your thoughts on Fall? Do you prefer a tropical Fall that prepares you for more warmth and beautiful sunshine or a Fall that prepares you for 40 below zero? Hail us up in the comments below.



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